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Mother of pearl!!! It's our first entry!!!

Abbie - blue
Shannon - red

 this is Abbie playing silent hill (note the awkward expression on my face)


 Also scary... and cancerous.

 this is Abbie getting annoyed by my antics and walking away from the camera

 I have no mouth.

 i am SO cute

 the best picture EVAR!!!!1

 ops i diduit again. (thank you, Shannon, for your wonderful typing skills)

 You can see Shannon's leg in the background.


 This is me snatching the camera away from Shannon, because it was really pissing me off.

 This is Shnabi, about to go outside on the trampoline at 11:00 PM.

 abbie is being blasted by the ulimate cool beam. ouch

 From here on out, I'll look retarded in all the pictures. 'cos i am a very talented photographer.

 it's shannon

 Shannon kicked me. i am very kung fu.

 yes, i look abusolutely terrifying here... but this is to show you how kung fu i am.


 Abbie tried to grope me, so i kicked her again kung fu bastard

 I fell in this picture.

 abbie's hair viciously attacks her face. I need a haircut.

 bounce that ass, ho!

 I took three years of gymnastic lessons, and this is all I can remember how to do.

 this picture actually has a very cryptic meaning. oh


 This was a screw up.

 this is me posing as Olga.


 Abbie's dad locked us out of the house That's my "we got locked out of the house" face.

 i am a very disgruntled child.

 Shnabi is sad.

After a while, we eventually got back into the house.

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