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welcome to another installment of the crazy adventures of Shannon and Abbie. *spastic wave* i'm Shannon, but you should know that by now if you read this kooky thing.

even though you can't tell, this picture was taken in the dark. jesus, i am bad at aiming cameras! just ignore the fact that i look like someone socked me in the face. oh... and this is the secret between telling me and Abbie apart. Abbie wears glasses, and i wear contacts. NOW YOU KNOW THE SECRET!!!!

this is me utilizing my natural-born sneaky N1NJA 5K1LLZ!!

Abbie practices a sacred Polynesian ritual. of course, i can't tell you what it is.

my expression says it all.

Abbie on a never-ending search for food. mmm... foil.

YEAAAH!! if you know me, this is how i look 87% of the time.

it's 3 AM, and i'm still really hyper! Abbie, though, looks like my cat whenever i spray him with water. HAHA, AND THAT'S SOME FUNNY SHITE!!

COUNTDOWN TO ABBIE FALLS ASLEEP: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...



this is my future husband, Aiba Masaki. look, he's almost as crazy as me!

this is Jun's "I just got attacked by the little freakish girl from The Ring" face. note the sexy lamp glares on the screen.

. . .

another picture of my future husband. i like a guy who's just as crazy and stupid as me.

i couldn't resist...

this is Ohno Satoshi, who is secretly an orange vampire.

just to be fair, this is Abbie's future husband, Sakurai Sho. they could be jiggaboos in love...

the next day...

uh, well... this is me kissing a happy lucky cat? my earrings OWN.

OK, so we went down to eat at the Mexican restaurant on the Square. this is a picture of Abbie and her smorgasbord of sauce. it was actually extremely hilarious.

uh, er-- i have a Rolling Stones shirt... ?


well, it's not our fault that the people who work at the theater are LIARS!! if you say you're going to be showing Dodgeball at 7 PM on Tuesday, THEN YOU BETTER DAMN WELL BE SHOWING IT!!

the famous feet of Abbie and Shannon!

this is Abbie haning out outside the jungle theater of LIARS!!

i have a really horsey grin in this picture. and Abbie is devouring a ponytail holder. it's all good.

this would be my brother. he's nice enough to drive Abbie and me all over town. too bad he's off to college next month. it's ok though, because I will be driving this winter! MUAHAHAHA!!

Shannon and Abbie

Abbie and i are still working on our mega awesome story. so stay tuned for that, OK? MWA!
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